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Vet Manny

Concierge Veterinary Transport Services

(Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Deerfield, & Parkland) – Our Vet Manny services are designed to help you with your busy schedule! We all love our pets and want to ensure they attend their vet appointments, so they are healthy and happy.  However, at TPPT we understand this can sometimes be a challenge with our busy schedules.  Allow TPPT to take the hassle out of vet visits.

We will pick up your pet(s) from your home and escort them to the vet for you.  We will even attend your pet’s appointment with them!  We will take notes (and videos if your vet allows) of the visit/exam/diagnosis for you and will provide an email with the notes/video to you once we safely return your pet(s) home.

There are no breed restrictions or limitations for veterinary transport services with TPPT.  We welcome dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and reptiles (excluding snakes).  Available for pets up to 150lbs.  We will transport aggressive pets for an additional charge.

Concierge Veterinary Transport Services FAQs

Why choose TPPT for Vet Manny – Concierge Veterinary Transport Services?

ME! You are choosing TPPT because I will personally be your pet’s Vet Manny.  My wife and I have two dogs, Angie and Luca.  They are not just our pets, they are FAMILY!  I understand how important your pet(s) are to you!  MY goal is to provide your pet with the fastest, safest, and least stressful transport to and from their vet appointment.  While your pet is in MY care, I will treat your pet with the same love and attention as if they were my own!  MY mission is “Safely delivering smiles one pet at a time!”

TPPT’s Vet Manny service is a concierge service offering door-to-door veterinary transportation services including attending your pet’s appointment with them!  We will take notes (and videos if your vet allows) of the visit/exam/diagnosis.  This service can be arranged for a single pet or multiple pets from the same household.

TPPT wants to help you ensure your pet(s) always receive the proper veterinary care and treatment they deserve!  Do not let your busy schedule keep your pet from their routine healthcare.  Let TPPT help you check this to-do item off your list!

What sizes and breeds of pets are eligible for Vet Manny?

We welcome dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and reptiles (excluding snakes) up to 120lbs.  We will transport aggressive pets for an additional charge.  Please complete the Pet Transport Questionnaire and we will reach out to you to answer any questions and help schedule your pet’s transport.

How much does Vet Manny concierge transport services cost? Can I have multiple pets transported to the vet at the same time?
  • Vet Manny fees start at $120 per veterinary visit. This includes pick-up and drop-off from your home, travel to and from the vet, and Vet Manny attending the vet appointment with your pet.  Pricing is based on an average estimated 2-hour service window to/from your home with travel distances to your vet within a 15-mile radius of your home.  Transport can be arranged for vet services that are located outside of the 15-mile radius for an additional fee.  Vet Manny services are currently offered in Broward and Palm Beach counties ONLY in Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Deerfield, and Parkland areas
  • We will transport Aggressive Pets for an additional charge
  • Weekend vet transport requests are subject to additional fees
  • Urgent vet transport requests.  Life happens and we understand unexpected circumstances arise.  We are here to help you with any last-minute or urgent vet transport requests.  Urgent vet transport requests are any booking made less than 72 hours before the requested veterinary appointment and subject to an additional $50 surcharge.  Urgent veterinary transport may be subject to additional Weekend rates depending on scheduled appointment date
  • Multiple Pets can be transported to the vet at the same time 1) if they are living in the same household and 2) traveling to the same vet’s office.  Additional pets transported will be billed $40 per additional pet
Are there booking fees and a deposit for your services? What is your cancellation and refund policy?

YES!  I accept Vet Manny bookings on a first-come, first-serve basis. The booking fee is $120 and NON-REFUNDABLE as this secures my services for your requested veterinary appointment date.  Please understand that once I accept your transport, I am unable to offer my services to another client, this is why my booking fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Client must pre-pay a NON-REFUNDABLE Booking Fee at the time of scheduling the transport. The booking fee and all payments are accepted through SQUARE only by debit or credit card. (LINK TO SQUARE). The booking fee will be credited toward the total cost of the vet transport on the final invoice
  • Final Invoice: All invoices must be paid in full a minimum of 72 hours prior to transport.  The owner reserves the right to cancel any transport without refund of the booking fee if final payment is not received within this time.
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy:
    • Booking Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE
    • Due to the nature of my business, if you cancel your pet’s transportation after my services have been scheduled and paid for, NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED. At my discretion I may choose to credit your account (not redeemable for cash) for future use towards a veterinary transport of the same routing at a later date (subject to availability).  An additional Booking Fee will be applied to ALL rescheduled vet transports
I am very interested in Vet Manny – Concierge Veterinary Transport Services, and I have submitted my Vet Transport Questionnaire. What are the next steps?
  • Once we receive your Pet Transport Questionnaire, please allow up to 48hrs for a response from our team.  If your requested veterinary appointment dates are available:
    • Before a transport can be scheduled, client will need to READ and SIGN an agreement, which will need to be returned to TPPT prior to scheduling Vet Manny services
    • Once the client agreement is received and the booking fee is received by TPPT, the client will receive email confirmation that your pet’s vet transport has been scheduled
    • Once the pet’s vet transport is scheduled at least 72 hours prior to your pet’s vet appointment TPPT will confirm date/time of vet appointment with the client, pick-up time of your pet(s) for the appointment, anticipated services/exams your pet is scheduled for, and discuss any questions/concerns you may like Vet Manny to ask the vet on your behalf
Client Duties Day of Vet Transport Duties + What Happens After Transport

Client Duties (Day of Vet Transport)

  • On the day of transport Vet Manny will text the client to let them know they are in-route to your home with their anticipated arrival time
  • Vet Manny will call the client once they have arrived at the designated pick-up location
  • After the client and Vet Manny meet, Ground Manny will take a few moments to bond with the pet before securing the pet in the transport vehicle
  • The Vet Manny will then begin the transport process with your pet to the vet and attend your pet’s appointment with them
  • Vet Manny will take notes (and videos if your vet allows) of the visit/exam/diagnosis
  • If the client causes Vet Manny to wait more than 15 minutes to receive the pet(s) for the transport you will incur a $100 late fee that must be paid BEFORE the pet is received 

What happens after my pet’s vet transport is complete?

  • Vet Manny will deliver pet(s) back to the client’s home
  • Vet Manny will provide any paperwork from the vet to the client
  • Vet Manny will provide the client with any medications, including medication schedule as directed by the vet
  • Vet Manny will provide the client with an email of the video (or written notes if your vet does not allow video recording) of the exam, the vet’s findings, and answers to any pre-determined questions provided by the client                                                                             ****(Please note, Vet Manny is an intermediary and transporter assisting you with your pet’s vet services. Vet Manny is not liable for any information dictated and provided to the client in the form of written notes and/or video of your pet’s examination.  If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s examination or notes from the vet you should contact your vet directly!!!)
  • Vet Manny reserves the right to post any photos taken during your pet’s transport to any and all websites and social media outlets for TPPT



Rick D.

Our dogs are a special part of our family. We were nervous when first looking for a dog walker. Fortunately we found the best person to assist us. Matthew does a wonderful job taking care of our dogs. He has done pet sitting for us in the past and also does weekly dog walking. He instantly bonded with our dogs from day one and they can’t wait for their walks with him. He’s very knowledgeable and genuinely cares. If you’re looking for a professional, reliable and caring dog walker or dog sitter I highly recommend Matthew’s services. You will not be disappointed.

Liz R.

Matthew has been a highly competent dog walker at the animal shelter where I am the event coordinator for over a year, and he is among the most responsible, warm-hearted, caring and respectful young men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has a genuine feeling for our dogs that can’t be faked, an ability to calm the most anxious of rescue animals and get through to the most fearful so that they are soon walking happily on the leash in his confident hand. I would gladly trust Matthew with my own beloved dog Puff if he only covered the area where I live! He spends a great deal of his own free time here because he honestly loves these dogs as if they were his own, and I believe he radiates that passion towards all the animals he transports and walks in his business…he simply can’t help it!

Casie R.

We are a full time working family with 2 very active dogs. Matthew has been a lifesaver for us! He truly cares for our dogs and makes sure that they get a great long walk to burn off their energy during the day. He is prompt and reliable. I highly recommend him and so do Willa and Gidget!

Lili H.

I trust Matt with my fur babies and he is always their favorite bud. His care for animals is evident and he is well trained to care for the pickiest of our fur babies. If you are looking for someone to love your babies just as much as you do look no further!

Shelby S.

I highly recommend Matt! I have a very rambunctious teenage boxer, Deano. Matt instantly connected with him, and made me feel so at ease. Deano enjoyed getting out of the house, and getting some exercise! We will definitely be regulars!

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