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Air Relocation Consultation

(Domestic Unaccompanied Pet Relocation)

Our VIP service handles relocation arrangements from A to Z. This service is for unaccompanied cats and dogs who are being commercially relocated via airline cargo transport.  This consultation includes the following:

  • We ensure all federal travel requirements are met
  • We research and provide you with multiple available flight options for you to choose from
  • We ensure all flight documents are accurate and complete
  • We coach you on exactly what is needed and what to expect during the check-in and pick-up processes at the airport

Air Relocation Consultation FAQs

Why choose TPPT for pet relocation services?

Not all aircraft are properly equipped to safely transport live animals and not all airlines will accommodate pet travel.  This is where our expertise will help seamlessly guide you through this process.  TPPT works with you to create a personalized travel plan for your pet(s) from start to finish.  We do require a signed contract and full consultation fee payment to begin planning your pet’s travel.  Please complete our Pet Transport Questionnaire so we can further assist you in scheduling your pet’s travel plans which include:

  • Detailed list of all vaccines and documents your pet(s) will require to fly
  • Specific travel crate requirements for your pet including type and size of crate your pet(s) need
  • We will research and provide the best flight option(s) for your pet(s) based on the travel dates you provide. Providing a “travel window” if your dates are flexible will help us to locate the best rates possible

Once you have approved the flight option which is best for your pet(s) we will:

  • Provide a personalized checklist and itinerary to guide you throughout the relocation process which include:
    • Date range for your pet(s) health certificate exam with your vet
    • We will review your health certificate and all travel documentation to make sure it is properly completed to avoid any travel delays
    • We will provide a custom shopping list for each pet to ensure they you have all the necessary items and to help make their trip as comfortable as possible
    • We will schedule a phone or Zoom consultation a minimum of three days prior to your pet’s trip to ensure you are prepared for the check-in process and to guide you where to go when you arrive to the airport
    • We will provide travel updates throughout the duration of your pet’s flight to ensure they arrive safely at their destination and have been picked up from the airport
Is air cargo travel safe for my pet(s)?

YES!  Are travel can be a very safe form of relocation travel for your pet(s).  This is why the USDA requires a vet health check within 10 days of domestic travel to ensure your pet is physically healthy enough to fly.   We also help ensure you have the correct crate (and that the pet is properly acclimated to the crate), choose a reputable airline with great pet accommodations, and select the most direct flight available.  We are here to help offer you professional guidance to ensure your pet has the safest, least stressful move as possible.

My pet is being transported in cargo. Does this mean they are flying with the luggage?

NO! Unaccompanied pets flying commercially are manifested as live animal cargo.  This means they must fly below the main cabin.  However, reputable airlines that commercially transport pets as “cargo” have a separate, designated area for live animals.  This area is completely pressurized, oxygenated, and temperature controlled to ensure your pet travels as comfortably as possible.

If your pet’s travel plans have any layovers, they will be removed from the plane and held in a live animal facility for safe keeping.  They are transported to and from these facilities in temperature-controlled vehicles for comfort and safety.

How is the cost of my pet’s flight determined?

As pets are considered live animal manifested cargo their airfare is based on the total weight of the crate with your pet in it.

Are there any breeds that have air travel restrictions?

YES!  Brachycephalic breeds, also known as snub-nose breeds, such as Boston Terriers, Boxers, French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, and Pugs.  These breeds are more susceptible to altitude and temperature changes during air travel.  Most airlines that accept these breeds will restrict cargo travel if the temperature is too hot or too cold (above 75° or below 45° Fahrenheit).

Some airlines have restrictions that apply to larger breeds such as Mastiffs or Great Danes.  Due to their size and stronger nature, if larger breeds are accepted, airlines may require kennels that are reinforced and made from metal or wood (often custom built).

Some airlines have restrictions on specific breeds which have been deemed to be more aggressive such as American Staffordshire Terries and Pit Bull Terriers.

Each airline has different pet accommodations or breed restrictions.  TPPT is here to expertly guide you through this process and take the guess work and frustration out of making these travel arrangements yourself.

What kind of crate does my pet need and where can I buy one?

The USDA has outlined specific federal laws that dictate travel crate specifications that airlines can accept for pets traveling in cargo.  Let TPPT help you take the guess work out of your pet’s travel and ensure you have the appropriate crate for your pet! Federal requirements for crates:

  • Must allow pets to be able to lie down, turn around, and stand without restriction
  • Must Have a minimum of 2-3 inches of clearance from roof of the crate to the top of the pet’s head or ears (whichever is higher)
  • Must be four-sided, hard plastic, with a solid bottom half
  • Must have a metal grill door and the crate should be fashioned with metal nuts and bolts
  • CANNOT be collapsible, have wheels, have a door/opening at the top of the crate, have latches, or plastic doors
  • Must have two bowls (one for food and one for water). We recommend attaching them to metal grill door so they can be refilled easily without opening the crate
  • TPPT  will provide you the exact dimensions for the appropriate crate you must purchase for your pet based on their height, length, and weight.  TPPT can assist you by ordering the appropriate create and having it drop-shipped to you for an additional fee

***All airlines require pets traveling in cargo to be in approved crates.  However, some airlines may have different requirements for larger, stronger breeds which may require a custom-built crate.  Some airlines DO NOT accommodate extra-large or custom-built crates.

I purchased the recommended crate, now what? How can I ensure my pet is comfortable in their travel crate before departure?

TPPT recommends the following best practices to ensure your pet is comfortable in their crate for the duration of their trip:

  • Acclimate your pet(s) to their crate as early as possible before travel to ensure they are familiar with the crate. Traveling can be stressful for your pet, so this is an important step to reduce their stress in a new environment
  • Leave a small towel, shirt, or blanket with your scent on it in the crate. This will help make your pet(s) more comfortable and feel as if you are there with them
  • If your pet has a favorite small toy leave that in the crate with them
  • Line the bottom of the crate with quick-drying, leak proof pee pads to help keep your pet as dry and clean as possible during their trip
  • DO NOT feed your pet a heavy meal before flying or leave a full meal in the crate with them. A very small amount of dry kibble can be left in the carrier
  • We recommend filling one bowl with water and freezing it the day before the flight. The water will slowly melt in the bowl while in the crate and reduce the chances of water spilling out during transport.   Airline personnel are trained to check your pet’s crate for water and will refill the water as needed
  • Make sure on the day of travel you allow your pet out for a restroom break at the airport before check-in with the airline
  • Understand that potty accidents happen! Your pet(s) are in a new and potentially stressful environment.  We recommend whoever is picking up your pet(s) at their destination bring animal safe wet wipes and fresh pee pads to help clean your pet and make sure they are comfortable after arrival
Can I put multiple pets in the same crate?

Airlines dictate that only pet per crate is allowed except in two circumstances:

  • The pets are a nursing mother with her puppies or kittens
  • The pets are two siblings under six months of age with a combined weight less than 20lbs
Will my pet(s) be kept in their crate for the entirety of the trip?

YES and NO.  Airlines will leave your pet(s) in their crate for the entirety of the trip.  However, some airlines will offer comfort stops at an additional expense for your pet if the travel day is longer than eight hours and the trip includes a layover.  These comfort stops typically include allowing your pet out of the carrier for a potty break, exercise, and to be fed.

How come my pet(s) can only be transported during the week? What if weekend travel better fits my schedule?

Please remember that pets are treated and flown as manifested cargo.  Most airlines will fly your pet(s) in and out of their cargo building.  Typically, on weekends, most airlines’ cargo facilities are either closed or offer limited hours, which affects pet relocation/travel.  Similarly, for pet(s) being transported into the US, customs will not accept pets for clearance if their arrival date falls on a weekend.

What is the length of time my pet will be required to travel?

Most pets are relocated within the same day depending on your pet’s departure and destination cities.  Your pet will fly just like their “Hooman(s)” and may have a layover during their trip.  We make every effort to book the most direct flight possible for your pet.  However, if a layover is required, please be aware that there are mandated layover lengths for pets to ensure your pet has a wellness check from the airline, offered water, and given ample time to make their connecting flight.  We will aim to book the shortest layover possible.

How much does pet relocation cost? What are TPPT’s fees and payment schedule? What happens if I must cancel my pet’s travel at the last minute?

Pet relocation costs varies depending on many factors including, but not limited to: drop-off location and pick-up destination; trip distance; size and weight of pet(s) in their carrier(s); which airline is chosen for the flight (each airline’s fees are different); and any additional services that may be added (i.e. comfort stops).

TPPT’s Pet Relocation Consultation fee is $300 for domestic travel.  This fee must be pre-paid and is NON-REFUNDABLE.   The pet relocation consultation fee payments are accepted through SQUARE or PayPal only by debit or credit card.


Rick D.

Our dogs are a special part of our family. We were nervous when first looking for a dog walker. Fortunately we found the best person to assist us. Matthew does a wonderful job taking care of our dogs. He has done pet sitting for us in the past and also does weekly dog walking. He instantly bonded with our dogs from day one and they can’t wait for their walks with him. He’s very knowledgeable and genuinely cares. If you’re looking for a professional, reliable and caring dog walker or dog sitter I highly recommend Matthew’s services. You will not be disappointed.

Liz R.

Matthew has been a highly competent dog walker at the animal shelter where I am the event coordinator for over a year, and he is among the most responsible, warm-hearted, caring and respectful young men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has a genuine feeling for our dogs that can’t be faked, an ability to calm the most anxious of rescue animals and get through to the most fearful so that they are soon walking happily on the leash in his confident hand. I would gladly trust Matthew with my own beloved dog Puff if he only covered the area where I live! He spends a great deal of his own free time here because he honestly loves these dogs as if they were his own, and I believe he radiates that passion towards all the animals he transports and walks in his business…he simply can’t help it!

Casie R.

We are a full time working family with 2 very active dogs. Matthew has been a lifesaver for us! He truly cares for our dogs and makes sure that they get a great long walk to burn off their energy during the day. He is prompt and reliable. I highly recommend him and so do Willa and Gidget!

Lili H.

I trust Matt with my fur babies and he is always their favorite bud. His care for animals is evident and he is well trained to care for the pickiest of our fur babies. If you are looking for someone to love your babies just as much as you do look no further!

Shelby S.

I highly recommend Matt! I have a very rambunctious teenage boxer, Deano. Matt instantly connected with him, and made me feel so at ease. Deano enjoyed getting out of the house, and getting some exercise! We will definitely be regulars!

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